Arduino IDE

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Arduino IDE

The aAduino IDE is the programming environment for Arduino. Available both for Windows and Linux. It is lightweight compared to Eclipse. It is extensible too.

Install Arduino IDE

  • Download the 32-bit Linux tarball from the Arduino website. Instructions to install are to be found here.
  • Unpack using tar xvf as normal user.
  • The extract process creates a directory called ~/arduino-1.8.5 and s Sketch directory ~/Arduino.
  • The script puts an icon on the desktop and does some housekeeping. See for details.

Library updates, when applied, go into the Sketch directory ~/Arduino and will override the libraries in the IDE installation directory ~/arduino-1.8.5. This makes that updating the IDE does not overwrite libraries.

USB port

A normal user cannot connect/write to the USB port from where the Arduino is connected and powered. This can be resolved by adding the user(s) to the dialout group:

user@d610:~ sudo usermod -a -G dialout <username>

This requires to logout and login again. Confirm the correct installation by compiling and uploading a simple program like blink.