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CUPS is the defacto printing standard. To beable to use high resolution drivers, Turboprint was installed an a license wae obtained. Turboprint was installed again after the installation of Ubuntu 11.10. Also the license was loaded again

Config changes for CUPS

A few settings were changes in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf. To be able to use server names in the url, HostNameLookups must be 'on'. Also a real certificate was entered to replace the defaultself-signed cert. This is the same cert that serves Apache2 and Postfix.

# begin of additions
HostNameLookups on
ServerCertificate /etc/ssl/private/ubuntu.crt
ServerKey /etc/ssl/private/ubuntu.key
# end of additions


Turboprint 2.23-1 was downloaded as a .deb package and was installed via dpkg -i. These is a dependance on libxi6 and libgtk2.0-0. It was enough to install the latter. It was not possible to (re)configure a printer as Turboprint printer in CUPS directly. The command line utilities tpconfig and tpsetup were used instead. Tpsetup is also needed to load the license:

tpsetup --install turboprint2.tpkey