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Pi-Hole in Docker on Synology NAS

Assuming you're doing everything in the Synology docker GUI:

  • Go to the Registry tab in the docker app, search for the official pihole image, and choose to download the latest image.
  • Wait for Synology to tell you the image download is complete.
  • Now go back to the Containers tab. Turn off your current pihole container.
  • After it's off, I usually right click and "clear" image (not sure if that's necessary).
  • After that's through, turn the container back on, wait for it to boot up, and pihole should be updated.

This works for any docker container in Synology, unless you set something special up via docker compose, SSHing into the Synology, or some other more advanced method. As long as you set up a volume to store your data persistently, all of your settings and such should remain.