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WordPress is a very user friendly CMS. It is simplier than Joomla and is more polished than e107. Many plugins and Themes are available. Installation is a matter ogf unpacking the (Dutch) version locally and uploadein to the remote webhost using ftp. There is one config file which must be edited to define the correct username and database. When that is correctly uploaded, go to the url of the new site to enter a few details like site name etc. After that the site is operational. Start playing!

Quirk: The perfectly normal locale translation filename contains nl-NL, en-UK etc. For some reason also just nl are used for netherlands strings. This makes that the translation does not take place before the locale file is renamed to the 'standard' for a certain language.


There arre numerous themes available. Important is that the theme has translations and room for widgets. The default theme is TwentyTen, which has it all. Installed were:

  • Grassland
  • Nature-theme
  • nature_wdl


There are many plugins for all kind of purposes. Installed om my site are:

  • Capsman, the Capabilities manager to ease the administration of users and their privileges
  • Event-calendar-scheduler, an very easy to use calendar/scheduler
  • Nextgen-gallery, a photo album organizer
  • Imagerotator, needed by nextgen-gallery. this one needs to be installed in 'uploads' and the path to the executable needs to be entered in nextgen-gallery.
  • Tinymce-advanced, some additional functions for the built-in editor